Confidentiality Policy


LEAF shall use reasonable efforts to maintain and protect all documents and information provided to LEAF by you or your representatives or agents and not make such documents or information publicly available or make any use of it except to provide services to you, but LEAF shall have no obligation to return any documents to you.  All of LEAF’s work for you will be confidential. LEAF’s staff members and consultants have signed confidentiality agreements and are obligated not to disclose any confidential information or documents used or obtained in the course of our work. This obligation of confidentiality does not apply to data or information which: (1) is or becomes generally available to the public other than as a result of a disclosure by LEAF or any of its representatives; (2) is required to be disclosed pursuant to any order or decree of any appropriate court or governmental agency; (3) was in LEAF’s possession prior to the time it was disclosed to LEAF by you or your agent or representative; or (4) is disclosed to LEAF by a third party who is under no obligation of confidentiality to you.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, LEAF, in connection with any legitimate business activity that is not in competition with your business, will have the right to identify you as a company to which it has provided services and to provide general information about your business and the nature of the services LEAF has provided to you.