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LEAF Focuses on Shared Ownership

LEAF provides financing for food cooperatives.  Food cooperatives create jobs and make healthy food accessible in rural and urban communities. In addition, food co-ops promote environmental stewardship, support small-scale farmers, and build local economies.

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What if Everyday Stakeholders Were the Investors?

What if?...

  • Workplaces were governed by the people who worked there
  • Homes were owned by a community of neighbors who lived there
  • Grocery stores were owned by shoppers who relied on getting food there

Co-op Market – Alaska’s First Food Cooperative (Fairbanks, AK)

By Leaf Fund | October 19, 2022

In Alaska, grocery shopping is often expensive and products can be scarce since most of the products must be shipped in the state. It is not uncommon to see empty shelves and produce and staples double the price of what is offered in continental US.  It is even more difficult to find specialty food stores,…

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LEAF Helps Build the Cooperative Economy Across the United States

LEAF Client, Belfast Food Co-op, Belfast, ME
LEAF Client, Belfast Food Co-op, Belfast, ME

LEAF gives everyday folks the opportunity to become cooperative owners: in their workplaces, their residential communities, and their local food & energy systems. 

While American capitalism has generated incredible wealth, prosperity, and technological progress, it has blind spots. Investors’ interests, maximizing profits, often do not align with the needs of workers, tenants, and consumers who are the source of that profit.  

Democratic governance brings balance to an organization. It aligns the interests of the owners with the people who work, live, or shop there. Democratically controlled by the membership and reinvesting profits into the organization and its community means financial profit is a community benefit.   

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Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (Boston, MA)
Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (Boston, MA)

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