Seward Cooperative: Worker co-op, Food Co-op Expands (Minneapolis, MN)

Explore the vibrant spirit of Seward Cooperative, a unique blend of worker and consumer co-op located in the heart of Minneapolis, MN—an epicenter of the food coop movement. With 23,000 member-owners, Seward Co-op recently underwent a transformative renovation of its Franklin Store, thanks to the collaborative efforts of LEAF and Shared Capital.

LEAF proudly joined forces with Shared Capital to provide crucial funding for Seward Co-op’s project. This financial boost facilitated a remarkable facelift, including a redesign of the classroom space and seating area, replacement and updating of display coolers, lighting fixtures, signage, and rooftop HVAC units, as well as a rebuilding of the juice & salad bar and store entryways.

Seward Co-op embodies the principles of a cooperatively owned market, where every purchase directly nourishes the local community. This commitment to cooperation and community well-being sets Seward Co-op apart. We extend our sincere appreciation to Seward Co-op for their dedication to creating a space that reflects these cooperative ideals.