Food Conspiracy Co-op Celebrates 50 Years and Expands (Tucson, AZ)

The “Food Conspiracy” is a food co-op in Tucson, AZ that began in 1971. In 2024 Food Conspiracy has 3000 member-owners. Food Conspiracy Co-op commemorates 50 years of Cooperation by completing a project the Owners and community have envisioned for years, the East Entrance Project. The East Entrance Project gives the Co-op an integrated campus with intentional green spaces plus more places for shoppers to park. Through the East Entrance Project, the Co-op will add a beautiful, multi-purpose covered courtyard for gatherings and events, as well as educational garden areas for increased community engagement. The Food Conspiracy Staff will reimagine work areas and flow. The store expansion will attract more shoppers, create new jobs, and build community while they do.

The Food Conspiracy began as a movement in Berkeley, CA, a bulk-buying club.  The original members wanted to find natural and organic foods that weren’t in supermarkets. Using their collective purchasing power they created an alternative way to buy natural food products.

The Food Conspiracy came to LEAF because it was time for them to expand. The cooperative structure is unfamiliar to many banks but for LEAF it’s a sweet spot. LEAF knows the value of a food cooperative to its members and the wider community. Working with the Co-op, their intentions, their past, and their plans, LEAF provided a valuable low-interest loan to help the East Entrance vision become a reality.

With the consolidation of multinational grocery stores, having a community-owned food cooperative thriving for 50 years is something LEAF is proud to celebrate!