Meet LEAF’s CFO, Carol Ann (Boston, MA)

Carol Ann: LEAF’s CFO Brings Financial Expertise and Compassion

We are thrilled to introduce a new addition to the LEAF team, Ms. Carol Ann McAuliffe, Chief Financial Officer. With finance knowledge and a commitment to community development, Carol Ann brings experience with compassion seeking to have a positive impact.

Before joining LEAF, Carol Ann served as CFO at Project HOPE in Roxbury, MA, where she managed their finances and operations. Project HOPE: House Open People Enter, created by the nuns who opened their shared home to those who needed a place to sleep. It grew into a shelter and essential services for the people in the shelter–housing, employment training, ESOL, and child care. Carol Ann gained insights into non-profit accounting and navigating government and private funding intricacies while supporting the mission of Project Hope.

Before that, Carol Ann was Vice President at Fidelity, where her expertise in for-profit investing, along with an MBA, honed her financial acumen. But it was through the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI), a collaborator with Project HOPE that she discovered LEAF. DSNI is a fellow LEAF collaborator and a borrower.

At LEAF Carol Ann blends her skills in financial services with her commitment to fostering community. And through her work, she lifts businesses that would otherwise be overlooked. Carol Ann’s leadership is helping LEAF support clients such as Comfort Kitchen and Nubian Markets, in the very neighborhoods where she worked with Project HOPE.

Beyond her professional journey, Carol Ann values time with her husband, 3 children, and dog as well as friends. She enjoys traveling and being active outside.