LEAF Supports Worker Co-op, Cooperative Care

Cooperative Care.png

LEAF, together with Shared Capital, approved a loan to Cooperative Care (CC) to finance the diversification of CC’s service offerings. CC is the third largest home care cooperative in the United States and currently has 38 employees — 30 of whom are worker-owners.

CC works with families in the Central Wisconsin area to provide personally tailored in-home care assistance that also values the wages and benefits of the workers administering CC services.  Worker-owner membership is available to any CC employee in good standing who has worked there for a at least a total of six months.

Over the past few years, CC has grown at an admirable rate. They have expanded their operations from one county to five counties, and serve twice the number of clients. Originally servicing the senior citizen community, the co-op has widened their scope to assist disabled people, individuals with mental illness, and children with autism. CC seeks to continue diversifying the services they provide with the aim to meet the growing care needs of the communities they serve.

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