Update on National Cooperative Bank / Cooperative Foundation Grant

Thanks to a grant from the National Cooperative Bank, LEAF is moving forward with a collaboration with the UNH Carsey School of Public Policy on an analysis of case studies involving innovative financing tools for worker co-ops. The two tools we are looking at, defined below, are Direct Public Offerings (DPOs) and Royalty Financing. This complements a grant from the Cooperative Foundation. The study is underway, interviews are being conducted, and LEAF is excited to share when complete!



Direct Public Offering: A DPO is an offering where a company can sell securities to anybody, not only accredited investors. The offering does not require underwriting. It is a useful tool for small companies looking to raise capital quickly and locally.

Royalty Financing: Royalty financing allows investors to give money to a company in exchange for a percentage of future revenues. It allows small or new business owners to raise capital without giving up their ownership stakes.