LEAF Technical Assistance Program FAQ

How did L-TAP get started?

In March 2015, the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, in collaboration with Duke University and The New School, published a report called The Color of Wealth in Boston. The report painted a worrisome picture of wealth inequality in the Boston Metropolitan Area. Among many findings, perhaps the most illustrative of the disparity, was an exhibit which listed the median net worth for households of various backgrounds.

Perhaps the most jarring statistic was that the median wealth for white households was $247,500, while only $8 for U.S. Black households. Not $8,000. Not $800. $8. At the time of the publication of the report, LEAF’s activities were on a national scale through the operation of our co-op financing program. So, the question was raised: “What are we doing in our own backyard? What can we be doing?”

What does L-TAP do?

The program focuses on micro-entrepreneurs and small businesses in the Boston Metropolitan Area. Our goal is to support businesses as they endeavor to increase their revenues, efficiency, and profitability; but also to assist in their acquisition of capital. As these goals are achieved, the greater goal of positively impacting the level of wealth accumulation for the least affluent groups is also achieved.

L-TAP Services

What types of businesses are L-TAP’s services relevant to?

The technical assistance program has been designed to be inclusive to any and all business types. The most critical element of the program is 1-on-1 counselling. Not only does it foster a positive relationship between our staff and the businesses that we partner with, but it also allows business owners to ensure that their most pressing needs are met.



Another major component of L-TAP is providing tools with which to model and analyze a business – along with the knowledge of how to use them.  In addition, workshops are a valuable element to the business learning process. All L-TAP workshops are geared towards specific learning goals that are relevant to the business owners that are attending.

What are the long term goals of L-TAP?

The most basic goal is to, of course, grow the program to include more businesses. The impact of this expansion would be exciting to see as part of a follow up to The Color of Wealth in Boston.

Along with general growth of the program, LEAF has already begun translating its specialty in financing co-ops nationally to the financing of small businesses in Boston.  This complementary financing program will be invaluable as it grows to drive the Technical Assistance Program and vice-versa.

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