Performance & Impacts

Since its founding over 30 years ago, LEAF has invested and leveraged over $112 million, resulting in the creation or retention of more than 10,000 jobs. Since 2004, we have measured the following impacts:

Job Creation — creating high quality jobs in low-income communities:

• Over 1,600 FTEs in 23 consumer food co-ops
• Over 900 worker-owners in employee-owned businesses
• 200 employees transitioned from part-time to full-time in food co-ops

Alternative Staffing — providing temporary employment for those who need it most:

• Over 5,100 people with “barriers to employment” placed into positions
• More than 15,000 low-income individuals benefited from placement, career counseling and retention
services that one of our employee-owned cooperative businesses provide to entry- level workers

Small Business Technical Assistance assisting business owners to access capital:

• Counseled and provided business assistance to 30+ disadvantaged small business owners
• Held 5 workshops on common business issues and reached over 100 small business owners

Other Beneficiaries:
• Over 90,000 households have access to quality food, with 88% of these loans going to businesses operating in “food deserts”
• Purchases from the cooperatives we financed support more than 2,500 small family farms and 3,000 small businesses.
• 368 housing units on land that is now owned by the community

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