New Orleans Food Co-op Loan Match

LEAF will soon be making a loan to New Orleans Food Co-op, which is located in a food desert and a CDFI investment area. The co-op has over 3,800 member-owners and LEAF’s loan will be matched by member loans and loans from other food co-ops who see the importance of supporting other co-ops. Members already hit their $70,000 goal! Congratulations NOLA Food Co-op!

The NOLA Food Co-op is also located in a Persistent Poverty County (PPC), which is any county that has had 20% or more of its population living in poverty over the past 30 years. African Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans are disproportionately represented among those living in the 384 PPCs in the US. Please consider donating or investing in LEAF to help make a difference in PPCs.