Loan to Fast Growing Food Co-op in North Dakota

The Bisman Food Co-op in Bismarck, North Dakota, will open its first store later this year, after a tremendous 3ae8a28a-6a6f-4ac1-83e6-9d1b2909d026member drive. The co-op is averaging more than 40 new members/month, making it one of the fastest growing co-ops in the country. Over 1,300 new members have contributed and invested over $750,000 in the co-op, which will be combined with LEAF’s loan to renovate a 10,200 square foot store. A quote from a new member sums up why people are excited: “I want to finish the year with a big thanks for the organized system of making this food co-op operational and lasting. I am in awe at the systematic progression of this huge project….Thank you for including each of us in the endeavor. Can’t wait.”

The Co-op will create 35 good paying jobs and bring organic and natural food to a food desert area. Learn more about the Bisman Co-op’s partnership with the community and a local company, Basin Electric, here.