LEAF Approves Loan to Cooperative Home Care Associates


Cooperative Home Care Associates (CHCA) of South Bronx, NY, provides in-house care for the elderly, ill, and disabled. In light of the current political climate, they have borrowed $300,000 from LEAF to hedge against possible drops in Medicaid reimbursements.

With 850 worker-owners, CHCA is the largest worker co-op in the US. This allows them to negotiate on the state level for improved insurance reimbursements, which translates back to better wages for workers. They already offer $17/hr wages with benefits, plus trainings and certifications in Spanish and English. They employ 2,000 unionized workers, the vast majority of which are African-American or Latina women.

The South Bronx is a CDFI Fund Investment Area as well as a Persistent Poverty County. CHCA is a model worker co-op in the United States, and LEAF is proud to support them!