LEAF awarded $700,000 grant from U.S. Treasury

f83be2e7-a7fc-444d-bfaa-d1759b1bbf3dFor the sixth year in a row, LEAF has been awarded a grant or loan from the U.S. Treasury’s  CDFI Fund.  This year the grant amount was $700,000. Grants are very important for LEAF because they contribute to building our net assets/equity. In addition to providing resources to LEAF to carry out its mission, these funds also contribute to a strong capital foundation that strengthens us as an organization and attracts new investors to support our mission. Out of 74 applicants in our category, LEAF was one of 27 loan funds that received an award. The U.S. Treasury’s continued support of LEAF also indicates their confidence in the impact of  LEAF’s work and in its financial strength. The ongoing support of our investors will allow us to leverage and multiply the impact of this grant.