Hub City: First Food Co-op in South Carolina

2015.3.12 COOP March Meeting-222015.3.12 COOP March Meeting-70
LEAF recently approved a loan to Hub City Food Co-op in Spartanburg, SC. The co-op is located in a food desert and will be the first cooperatively owned grocery store in the state. The co-op already boasts almost 1,300 member-owners and has done an incredible job fundraising from the community, which is supplying seventy-five percent of the financing for this project. The co-op is part of a downtown revitalization plan and will also benefit from a $350,000 zero-interest loan from the city. Speaking in support of the co-op, a Spartanburg Council woman explained “This is a huge step forward for downtown. It encourages people to live in downtown and as a council, that’s what we want.” Slated to open later this year, the store will employee 30 full time employees.

Click here to see a video about Hub City’s development.