BreadHive Worker-Coop Bakery Expands in Buffalo

The BreadHive Bakery opened in 2014 with several missions: to make the best bread in the city, to b1ced8b45-9ca7-4bfe-97f2-e441d0cdac45e a great place to work, and to prove that worker ownership can be a great way to do business. Since opening, they have expanded into pretzels and bagels and their products sell out daily from their small retail window and at stores like the Lexington Food Co-op (another LEAF borrower). ┬áThe bakery is located in a CDFI investment area where the poverty rates stands at 25% and unemployment is over 9%.┬áLEAF’s loan will help BreadHive open a retail bakery and cafe, as well as expand their kitchen capacity and add more good jobs. BreadHive’s yeasty treats and worker ownership model have resonated with the people of Buffalo, allowing the bakery to raise funds from community members to finance their initial opening and this expansion.