BreadHive Worker Co-op Bakery in Buffalo, NY Celebrates Café Opening!

198f752e-38a4-4e12-b3fd-58a05774792eLEAF is excited to announce that the BreadHive Worker Co-op Bakery has recently opened up its new café in West Buffalo.

The worker-owners have been working hard over the Spring and Summer to make the finishing touches to their space. They will still use their original location as a wholesale bakery, selling bread, pretzels, and bagels to stores like the Lexington Food Co-op (another LEAF borrower). However, the new cafe location, pictured right, will replace the old retail window. In addition, they have also partnered with Public Espresso to open an airstream trailer in Larkin Square.

LEAF’s financing helped BreadHive to open this new retail bakery and cafe along with the help of interested community members, who invested preferred shares in the co-op. The new store will help the burgeoning co-op serve even more people, adding jobs and worker owners. Congratulations to BreadHive! If you’d like to see some photos from the delicious goodies at their new store, check out their Twitter and Instagram accounts.