Bluff Country Co-op Expands Using LEAF Loan

logo_bccbluff country

Bluff Country Co-op (BCC) of Winona, MD, is expanding to use their space for its original purpose: a full-line grocery store! With a $100,000 loan from LEAF, they will be able to serve a greater variety of food, improve convenience, and make better use of wholesale programs like Co+op Basics and Deals to meet the needs of their 1635 consumer members and the broader community. 

With 44 years of expertise serving a food desert area, BCC has an important role as the sole dedicated provider of organic, local, and fair-trade foods. The nearly two-fold increase in space will result in new jobs, with a 25% projected increase in employment over four years. The project aligns well with the downtown area’s planned revitalization over a similar time period.

National Co-op Grocers is a partner on the project and will provide guidance and assistance. Yummy!